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Bozcaada door01

Bozcaada door02

Bozcaada door03

Doors from Bozcaada (Tenedos), a small, wine maker Turkish island in Aegean Sea…


Bağlarla dolu, 2500 nüfuslu küçük adamızdan kapılar…


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Bozcaada house01

Bozcaada cat01

On one side upcoming elections and unbelievable scandals we are hearing about the government, on the other side banned Twitter, Youtube and other crazy stuff. Turkey is little bit busy but not boring at all in these days.

Despite this traffic of events, we left Istanbul for few weeks behind and headed to Bozcaada (Tenedos Island) to have some relaxing time in our stone house. Half empty island, silent vineyards, warming sun, cats in every corner…

Just perfect.


Bir yanda yaklaşan seçimler ve hükümetle ilgili duyduğumuz inanılmaz skandallar, diğer yanda Twitter, YouTube yasakları ve diğer akıl uçuran olaylar. Memleket bugünlerde çok yoğun, insanın sıkılmaya vakti olmuyor.

Biz de bu arada, bütün bu olayları ve İstanbul’u arkamızda bırakıp rahatlamak için birkaç haftalığına Bozcaada’daki evimize kaçtık. Neredeyse bomboş, bize kalmış ada (artık sadece sezonda üç ay adada çalışıp, yılın gerisini Çanakkale’de aldıkları evlerinde geçiriyorlar adalılar, gerisini siz anlayın gari), ıssız bağlar, insanın içini ısıtan güneş, her köşebaşında kediler…

Daha ne olsun?


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Internet censorship01

Since yesterday, Turkey has a new internet law. Are you aware?


Dün nurtopu gibi yeni bir internet yasamız oldu. Farkında mısın?

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Alacati kapi01

Alacati kapi02

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Aybige Kerim heading to sun01

Our three years stay in our little kingdom comes to an end and we are heading back to sun, turquoise blue Aegean and Mediterranean waters, fluffy street cats, variety of juicy and tasty fruits and vegetables, amazing smell of the bakeries, adventurous motorcycle rides and Mediterranean style slow living.

There is a long list of the things we won’t miss like rain, unbeatable British summers, health and safety craziness, tea with milk but we gonna miss our home, the pubs, antiques shops and markets, city foxes, first class football, film quality British dramas, the smell of the fireplaces in the middle of the city, Guinness, canal walks, small theatres, delicious Indian food, our friends in London and also in a very special little pub in Edinburgh.


at the end,

the question still is:

What’s the meaning of Stoneheeeeeenge?

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homemade yogurt01

homemade yogurt02

homemade yogurt03

When the milk sleeps, becomes a beautiful homemade yogurt, best mate of bite size stuffed vine leaves (yaprak sarma).

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90th year of Turkish Republic

Today we celebrate 90th year of Turkish Republic. 90 years ago today, the founder of modern Turkey, Atatürk declared the republic and us, the Turks (or Crazy Turks as they call us), we will defend forever his heritage, our secular republic system, our country, our liberty against fundamentalist enemies of our republic.

Photo source here.

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misir ekmegi01

misir ekmegi02

There is no such a good thing as starting to the day with the smell and the taste of homemade bread. Happy stomacs, happy people!

Corn is one of the major products in northeast part of  Turkey and people living there consume a lot corn and corn flour in their kitchen. Today’s bread is from this region: Black Sea style corn bread. Yummy!

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Since three weeks we were in Turkey enjoying the last days of summer, eating fresh figs, fresh wallnuts, green tangerines, aegean fishes, goat cheese, laying down under the sun, swimming in cristal clear aegean waters with calamaries and fishes.

And we left our hearths in Aegean Sea, again…

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Yesterday after shopping in Judy’s Vintage Fair and then going through Brick Lane to take new street art photos popped up there, it looked like a nice idea to make a stop in A.Gold, a beautiful traditional British food shop next to the Old Spitalfields Market.

A.Gold in 42 Brushfield Street, is not just a little shop who sells old style jams, candies, treats, some kitchen accessories, good quality coffees, teas, etc, is also a place where you can enjoy a nice cup of Monmouth coffee, a cold bottle of Victorian lemonade or a freshly made sandwich.

Even the sandwich’s taste was pretty basic and nothing special, glad to visit this cozy and old style shop. A.Gold is open Monday-Friday 10.00-16.00 and weekend 11.00-17.00.


In Turkey, the people is resisting since 31 May 2013 to protect their park, democracy and human rights. Court refused Gezi Park demolition.  Yesterday, thousands went to their park with the court decision and the police attacked them with tear gas, watercannon, plastic bullets.

Resist Gezi Park! Resist Turkey!

Diren Gezi Park01

Poster via #DirenGeziParki

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