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International Pillow Fight Day01 2013

International Pillow Fight Day02 2013

Today another colorful flash-mob activity took place in our little kingdom. The International Pillow Fight Day celebrated by Londoners at the Trafalgar Square in London.

Despite some dirty fighters who were fighting with synthetic pillows and who were distroying all the charm of flying feathers, it was fun. During one hour, bravehearths battled like crazy. All of us finished the day covered by feathers (and maybe with some small damage in our little grey cells) but smiling.

Happy International Pillow Fight Day!

International Pillow Fight Day03 2013

International Pillow Fight Day04 2013

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Santacon01 2013

This year’s Santacon was less joyful compairing the last year’s but the thing which was not missing certainly was the originality. This year there were some new Santas in the town.

The Beach Santas…

Santacon02 2013

Santas throwing Brussel sprouts to Elfs…

Santacon03 2013

Pink baloon Santas…

Santacon04 2013

Some holy personages visiting Santas…

Santacon05 2013

Cool Santas…

Santacon06 2013

Stylish Santas…

Santacon07 2013

And some examples of this year’s Miss. Santa creations…

Santacon08 2013

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It was one week ago when the big freeze alert began in our little kingdom. First some ices appared in the fountains of London .

Then, the next night when we were having few pints in our pub, the snow covered everywhere in one hour. We saw a big fox visiting our neighbourhood. We had a little walk to Trafalgar Square, Westminister and Big Ben by night.

We woke up the next day, to a lovely white and calm London. We had a lovely walk in Regent Canal before having our breakfast .

Aaand we made our first snowcat in London. It’s still freezing out there but no more snow and snowcat. Pity…

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Last weekend we had our first flashmob event Santacon aaand it was wonderful!

Hundreds of Santa came from different directions and met in Trafalgar Square.

Santa’s drinking, dancing with the music, throwing candys and Brussel sprouts to each other, laughing and having fun.

Santas here, Santas there, Santas are everywhere!

They have style…

Santa’s rugby team…

Santa is in the detail…

Tired Santa’s having a sun bath in sunny (ho ho ho) London …

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