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Bir Tatavla Masali01

Yesterday evening in a theatre in Istanbul, Alkışlar Tiyatrosu players performed a story taking place in one of old neighborhoods of Istanbul, in Tatavla (actual name Kurtuluş). It was about Tatavla, it was about Turks, it was about “us”. It was about muslim, Greek orthodox, Armenian people of this country living together, sharing happiness and pain. Before the play, actors and audience shared a minute of silence for Berkin. He was a 15 years old boy, shot by police with a gas canister from his head last summer, during the protests against islamist government.

Yesterday, we farewelled him after 269 days of coma. Yesterday we felt ashamed for not being able to protect him. Yesterday, people talking of being religious but trying to divide this country as muslim, christian, jewish didn’t feel ashamed…


Dün akşam Profilo Alışveriş Merkezi tiyatro salonunda, Alkışlar Tiyatrosu oyuncuları Bir Tatavla Masalı’nı sahneye koydular. İstanbul’un eski semtlerinden Tatavla’nın (şimdiki adıyla Kurtuluş), Türklerin, “bizim” öykümüzdü anlatılan. Bu ülkenin birarada yaşayan, acıyı ve mutluğu paylaşan müslüman, Rum, Ermeni halkıydı anlatılan. Oyundan önce oyuncular ve seyirciler Berkin için bir dakika saygı duruşunda bulundu, hep birlikte “Berkin Elvan ölümsüzdür” diye haykırdı.

Dün, 15 yaşındaki kara gözlü çocuğa veda ettik. Dün, onu koruyamamış olduğumuz için utandık. Dün, dindar olmaktan söz eden ama bu ülkeyi müslüman, hristiyan, yahudi diye bölmeye kalkışanlar utanmadılar…

Berkin Elvan01

Berkin Elvan illustration source / Berkin Elvan çizimi kaynak: Twitter @ Sinan Güler


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Strangers on a train01

Yesterday evening after few pints at The Dog&Duck, our favorite small pub in Soho, we went to Gielgud Theatre for Strangers on a Train, a play written by Craig Warner based on the same name novel by American crime writer Patricia Highsmith.

We didn’t watch the film of the novel directed by Alfred Hitchcock but we can say that the theatre version was brilliant and it was another London theatre production show. The projections they used in the play were impressive. The only actor we knew from before was Laurence Fox from tv series Lewis and we were excited to watch him in a live performance.  All cast was really successful and we are very pleased to have a chance to watch the play. Definitely recommended.

“A seemingly innocent conversation soon turns into a nightmarish and dangerous reality for Guy Haines when he meets Charles Bruno on a train journey, ahead lies a lethal nightmare of blackmail and psycological torment that threatens to cost Guy his career, his marriage and his sanity. His choice: to kill or to be framed for a murder he didn’t commit…”

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King's Head01

Enjoy the moment, drink and dance! Life is short…

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The Ladykillers01

1955 dated The Ladykillers is a British black comedy we watched last year. The film is based on the story of five gangsters who rent a room at the house of an old lady and pretend to be musicians while they are planning a bank robbery.

Yesterday evening we headed to Strand, to Vaudeville Theatre, for watching The Ladykillers at the theatre this time. We arrived little bit earlier and popped up at The George for few pints, a lovely old British pub established in 1723. Then continued with coctails at the bar of the theatre. As a dessert, we had The “spectacular” Ladykillers. We really loved the play, the performance of the players, specially Angela Thorne as Mrs. Wilberforce and John Gordon Sinclair as Professor Marcus but our special respects are for the set designer Michael Taylor and special effects designer Scott Penrose. What a wonderfull scenery they created in such a little place. It was just: impressive!

If you still didn’t watch The Ladykillers at the scene, last days to have the chance. Don’t miss it.

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The Woman in Black01

Yesterday evening we were at Fortune Theatre in Covent Garden for The Woman in Black, a play adapted by Stephen Mallatratt from the novel of  British writer Susan Hill and performed by actors Crawford Logan and Tim Delap.

It was our first time in Fortune Theatre and we loved this old theatre opened to the public in 1924. We are not very big fan of novel adaptations in cinema except some brilliant examples but we love to see them in theatre -specially novels we read- and The Woman in Black was a very successful adaptation from the novel. Also it was very effective usage of only two persons in cast and the simple scenery to interpret the whole story and different locations.

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Rosemary Branch Theatre is one of the our neighborhood theatres. Under the theatre there is also a theatre pub where some days is taking place live piano performance. This cozy, fifty seats theatre, is in five minutes walking distance to our home and has a special place in our hearts for being the first theatre we went in London.

Yesterday evening, we were there again, this time for watching the Promise, an American adaptation of Chechov’s Three Sister written by Sophie Angelson and directed by James Kemp. This is the story of Peters sisters who moved from New York to Nebraska in 1927. Now this is 1938 and the life is not so joyful as it was before…

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Peter and Alice01

“When Alice Liddell Hargreaves met Peter Llewellyn Davies at the opening of a Lewis Carroll exhibition in 1932, the original Alice in Wonderland came face to face with the original Peter Pan. In John Logan’s remarkable new play, enchantment and reality collide as this brief encounter lays bear the lives of these two extraordinary characters.”

Tonight, we watched Peter and Alice, a Michael Grandage Company play  written by John Logan and directed by Michael Grandage at the Noël Coward Theatre. When we first looked tickets for the play, all tickets were sold out. And then luckily, we found a couple of returned previleged tickets for this evening.

The play was great, the theatre was a impressive building, the actors’ performance was great. But having the chance of watching Dame Judi Dench in a London theatre was… Wooow! It was really amazing! What a unforgettable evening it was…

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