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cat and spring01


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A Londoneer photo which we took last summer during the Olympics.

Doesn’t he look like Mr. Spring with his pot head?

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Spring01 2013

Since sunday, the winter is gone and yesterday night, for the first time since months, we had a drink outside of our pub.

Today it’s confirmed and it’s officially spring in our little kingdom. Yaaay!

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Royal Academy of Art01

Oi Spring! Where are you?

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Maybe not in London but it’s spring in Turkey! Çağla is immature fresh almond and is one of the signs of spring in Turkey. When it’s spring, you can see fresh almonds in farmer markets also street sellers inside of small paper bags. But most pleasant -and our favorite- way to eat this almonds is from your tree.

Today we walked to our Turkish supermarket in Dalston and we found this fresh Turkish almonds. And suddenly we reviewed our plans to go to pub for Man United-Man City match and began to think staying at home and  drink rakı with our almonds. Mmmmmm, still thinking…

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Margaret and daffodils01

Margaret and tulips01

London’s streets are covered by snow but an early spring came to our house thanks to early daffodils and tulips this week.

Margaret also looks happy of the early spring, isn’t she?

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It has been a while since last post. When we wrote the last post it was winter, now spring (kind of). The Brits are over excited and allready with summer dresses and flip flops in the streets. For our Mediterranean bodies, it’s little bit chilly yet.

We opened our terrace lunches season. Also outdoor pints season in the pubs. Daffodils are everywhere again. It’s spring everybody! Yaaaay!

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