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Aybige Kerim heading to sun01

Our three years stay in our little kingdom comes to an end and we are heading back to sun, turquoise blue Aegean and Mediterranean waters, fluffy street cats, variety of juicy and tasty fruits and vegetables, amazing smell of the bakeries, adventurous motorcycle rides and Mediterranean style slow living.

There is a long list of the things we won’t miss like rain, unbeatable British summers, health and safety craziness, tea with milk but we gonna miss our home, the pubs, antiques shops and markets, city foxes, first class football, film quality British dramas, the smell of the fireplaces in the middle of the city, Guinness, canal walks, small theatres, delicious Indian food, our friends in London and also in a very special little pub in Edinburgh.


at the end,

the question still is:

What’s the meaning of Stoneheeeeeenge?

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London’s calendary has always some strange activities. This morning we walked through Columbia Road for joining the world’s first photobooth festival in Ezra Street no:7. It was a very funny experience finding different kind of photobooths in one place including the favor of accessories. 

So we dived to deep waters with the sharks…

We singed on a 80’s disco…

We felt the british spirit covered by Union Jack…

We traveled in the time machine…

We posed to Andy Warhol…

We had some serious time also…

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