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Tottenham Hotspur vs Fulham FC

Tottenham Hotspur vs Fulham FC

Looks like spring forgot to stop in London. Outside snow and freezing cold, at home fresh baked, fluffy yogurt dill biscuits with quince jam and cheese. Teapot full of  tea.

London weather! We are not afraid of you! (But if spring delays few more weeks, we will have few more excess kilos in our bodies).

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This week, we made a short trip to Warsaw and we enjoyed this beautiful city for four days. During four days it’s snowed and the temperature was –7°C but the feeling was –15°C during the day. It was cold but after our visit we decided that Warsaw is one of the best cities to visit during the snow. The christmas lights in the streets were still on and it was beautiful.


We stayed in Mercure Hotel in the heart of the city and we walked to almost everywhere. We visited the National Museum, the old city walls, the Praga district. We made several walks in Nowy Swiat which is most colorful street of Warsaw where are located lots of good shops, restaurants, cafés and patisseries. During four days we tried to taste every polish food we find in different places and each time we ended happy with the choice. We made more then one visit to A. Blikle Patisserie founded in 1869 for drinking white wine and eating paczki  -which is polish donut-. We tasted different types of pierogis -which are polish dumplings- in Zapiecek. We ate the best dishes in a polish restaurant named Przy Trakcie. Tuesday night was jazz night at the hotel’s bar and was another occasion for another bottle of wine.

We walked in beautiful Lazienki Park covered by snow and visited there the Palace on the Isle, Myslewicki Palace and Old Orangerie where is the Royal Theatre and Royal Collection of Sculpture.


For keeping the body warm and the mind healthy we drank lots of these: tea made by homemade raspberry juice, herbs, cloves, orange, lemon and vodka.


We brought home some delicious smoked Polish cheeses.


We brought home also some Polish pottery. We love Polish pottery!


You know where is the best Irlandzki Pub east of Dublin?


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There is snow in London and here is a fabulous video of snow. Tigers playing with snowman at Longleat Safari Park in UK by BBC News.

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It was one week ago when the big freeze alert began in our little kingdom. First some ices appared in the fountains of London .

Then, the next night when we were having few pints in our pub, the snow covered everywhere in one hour. We saw a big fox visiting our neighbourhood. We had a little walk to Trafalgar Square, Westminister and Big Ben by night.

We woke up the next day, to a lovely white and calm London. We had a lovely walk in Regent Canal before having our breakfast .

Aaand we made our first snowcat in London. It’s still freezing out there but no more snow and snowcat. Pity…

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