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Nine days ago we have been in a pop-up christmas restaurant in Maltby Street Market. We tasted a big variety of Trinidad kitchen and it was a lovely experience.

We went little bit earlier then dinner time to have a drink and warming up with rhytme of music. Actually we were waiting more energy and party spirit but it was a quite serious ambience. So it was more “Taste of Trinidad” then “Trini Christmas Party”.

We met  our lovely hosts Franka and Chef Hassan. We really enjoyed the food and then moved to the next destination for keep drinking.

This was our feast menu in Trini Christmas:


Callaloo shots – a mildly spiced vegetable soup infused with coconut milk.


Trinidadian pastelles – the Trinidadian take on the Spanish empanada, but made with polenta and suffed with well-seasoned meat or vegetables.

Trini style ham with hops bread – smoked ham served with crusty rolls and chow chow (picallili).


Caribbean herb and honey turkey with ackee and sage stuffing

Tobago style pigeon peas – saucy stewed Gungo peas.

Stuffed sweet potatoes with creole sauce

Trini Festive rice

Ground Provision au gratin


Chef Hasan’s Ponche a Creme chantilly creme – a boozy rum creme spiced with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.

A trio of Caribbean cakes including the rich and fruity rum cake.

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