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Edward Rutherfurd - London01

A historical London novel written by Salisbury born writer Edward Ruherfurd is recently published in Turkish. A story of London and Londoners through the ages since the geological formation of the city. No, not kidding, just started to read it and the second sentence of the novel starts like this: “Four hundred million years ago, ….”. Not sure how it’s gonna be our relation for the next 1083 pages…


Salisbury doğumlu yazar Edward Ruherfurd’un Londra isimli tarihi romanını aralık sonunda görüp aldık. Meğer daha yeni çıkmış piyasaya. Kitap, şehrin jeolojik oluşumundan günümüze, çağlar boyunca Londra’dan ve Londralıların yaşamlarından kesitleri içeriyor. Yok şaka değil, daha ikinci cümlesi “Dört yüz milyon yıl önce…” diye başlıyor. Önümüzdeki 1083 sayfa boyunca kitapla nasıl bir ilişkimiz olacak göreceğiz bakalım…


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One of our London books we bought after moving here.

“From the woman whose voice announces the stations on the London Underground to the man who plants the trees along Oxford Street; from a Pakistani currency trader to a Guardsman at Buckingham Palace – together, these voices and many more, paint a vivid, epic and wholly fresh portrait of 21st-century London”

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London Belongs to Me01

Currently reading this book and -through the pages- sharing the lives of a group of Londoneers who live in the same building: 10 Dulcimer Street, London in 1938…

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The Book of Christmas01

Yesterday we visited The Landscape Photographer of the Year exhibition in National Theatre. There were some really good landscape photos.

After the exhibition, before going to the London Philarmonic Orchestra concert at the Royal Festival Hall,  we stopped at the National Theatre’s bookshop and found The Christmas Book which is about everything about christmas time like traditions, food, legends etc.  The Christmas Book written by Jane Struthers can be a good alternative to the perfect christmassy gift.

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Hercule Poirots Christmas01

Some christmas reading, some crime, some Agatha Christie…

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