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New River Walk01

New River Walk02

New River Walk03

We are lucky to live near one of London’s most beautiful walking spots. With only a five minute walk, we find ourselves in Regent’s Canal and enjoy. But there is another little gem in our neighbour, the path here is not so long as Regent’s Canal, it takes only like half an hour to walk from one side to the other but is a little oasis in Islington. Even we have beautiful herons in this little canal. Few days ago we had a  little chat with this fellow in the last photo.

It’s not well known as Regent’s Canal but New River is opened in 1613 to supply drinking water to London and New River Walk is open to the public every day from 08.00 till dusk.

Happy 400th year New River!

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Yesterday afternoon we went to Greenwich for a walk in a sunny London day. But the meteorology god of our little kingdom was indecisive about what to do and sun and rain -rain or shine-, wind and everything was together as always.

 We climbed to the Royal Observatory’s hill and looked to London from there.

We checked our watches with the 24 hours clock of the Royal Observatory.

And turn back to London for a celebration dinner for our first year in this city.

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