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Full English breakfast01

One of the best foods of British kitchen is full English breakfast, a big portion of cooked breakfast which contains eggs (scrambled or fried), sweet beans, bacon, mushrooms, tomato, sausages, black pudding and hash browns. Of course with HP sauce and a cup English tea.

It’s tasty and fulfilling. After eating one portion of full English breakfast you can feel full almost until the dinner time.They serve it all day long and not only during the morning, so if you are not open minded for a heavy breakfast like this, you can try it during the lunch time also.

In UK, best places to try full English breakfast, are small cafes nicknamed “greasy spoon”. They are not fancy, they might not be as good looking for your expectations or the best place you would choose for a breakfast but believe us, the yummiest English breakfast you gonna eat are not in London’s most famous cafes, in these modest “greasy spoons”.

When we were living in London, every few weeks, we were eating full English breakfast in our neighborhood at Workers Cafe in Upper Street no:172, if you are around Angel, Islington you can give them a chance.   Full English breakfast is definitely not for everyday’s breakfast of our Mediterranean bodies or to eat if it’s a hot day but when you are in UK even in summer you don’t hear this “hot” word, so go on.


Dünya mutfakları arasında oldukça zayıf bir yeri olan İngiliz mutfağının en leziz gıdalarından birisi, kocaman bir porsiyon kızarmış veya çırpılmış yumurta, tatlı soslu kurufasulye, kızarmış domuz jambonu, ızgara mantar, ızgara domates, domuz sosisi, black pudding isimli bir tür domuz kanı sucuğu ve hash brown isimli bir tür patates mücverinden oluşan İngiliz kahvaltısı. Tabii ki yanında bir İngiliz klâsiği olan HP sos ve bir fincan çayla birlikte.

Bu lezzetli ve kalori bombası kahvaltı o kadar doyurucu ki, sabah yedikten sonra, neredeyse akşam yemeği saatine kadar tokluk hissedebilirsiniz. İşin güzel yanı, sadece sabahları değil, bütün gün servis ediliyor olması yani sabah sabah bu kadar ağır bir kahvaltı fikrine açık değilseniz, öğlen yemeği niyetine de afiyetle götürebilirsiniz.

Birleşik Krallık’ta, en iyi İngiliz kahvaltısını tadabileceğiniz yerler “greasy spoon” (yağlı kaşık) adı verilen küçük kafeler. Kesinlikle şık değiller, beklentilerinizi karşılayacak kadar iyi görüntüleri olmayabilir ya da kahvaltı için ilk seçeceğiniz yer görüntüsüne sahip   olmayabilirler ama bize inanın, en leziz İngiliz kahvaltısını Londra’nın en şık ve pahalı kafelerinde değil, bu “yağlı kaşık” denilen ucuz, mütevazi kafelerde yersiniz. Bu arada işin ilginç yanı, bu tipik İngiliz ürününü servis eden bu kafelerin çoğunu Türk kökenlilerin işletiyor olması ve İngiliz müşteriyle dolup taşması.

Londra’da yaşarken birkaç haftada bir, mahallemizde, Upper Street numara 172’deki Workers Cafe’de İngiliz kahvaltısı ziyafeti çeker, her seferinde “ah, vah, çatlıyorum, en az altı ay yemem” der, bir iki hafta sonra yine damlardık. Eğer Londra’da yolunuz Angel, Islington civarına düşerse kahvaltı için bu kafeyi bir deneyin. İngiliz kahvaltısı bizim Akdenizli bünyemiz için kesinlikle her gün yenecek bir kahvaltı türü değil ya da sıcak günlerde tüketilecek bir gıda değil ama Birleşik Krallık ellerinde “sıcak” kelimesi yazın bile duyulmadığından sorun yok, afiyetle yiyin.

Workers Cafe01

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londra kapi016

londra kapi015

londra kapi014

North London doors.

More London doors here, here and here.


Londra’nın kuzeyinden birkaç kapı.

Londra kapılarının devamı burada, burada ve burada.

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Aybige Kerim heading to sun01

Our three years stay in our little kingdom comes to an end and we are heading back to sun, turquoise blue Aegean and Mediterranean waters, fluffy street cats, variety of juicy and tasty fruits and vegetables, amazing smell of the bakeries, adventurous motorcycle rides and Mediterranean style slow living.

There is a long list of the things we won’t miss like rain, unbeatable British summers, health and safety craziness, tea with milk but we gonna miss our home, the pubs, antiques shops and markets, city foxes, first class football, film quality British dramas, the smell of the fireplaces in the middle of the city, Guinness, canal walks, small theatres, delicious Indian food, our friends in London and also in a very special little pub in Edinburgh.


at the end,

the question still is:

What’s the meaning of Stoneheeeeeenge?

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Since we came to London, for our Paris travels we were using EuroStar trains but today finally we experienced Dover-Calais ferries for crossing the channel for a short trip. The London-Dover train (2 hours) + Dover-Calais ferry (1,5 hour) system worked very well for us and the weather also was very helpful for having a little “air de France”.

Calais surprised us with its empty streets on a sunny Saturday. The 80’s music broadcast from the loudspeakers at the empty but christmas decorated Place d’Armes was little bit twilight zonish. The 55 metres high Calais Lighthouse visit accompanied by the lighthouse guide was the best part of the day. Climbing 271 steps of this lighthouse built in 1848, definitely worth.

At the end of the day, on the way back, we were the only ferry passengers without carrying huge bags full of beer cans, etc. and it was interesting to observe the amount of daily trade circulation/activity of people between two ports.



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Museum of Brands01

Yesterday we enjoyed the sunny and warm weather and went to Notting Hill to visit The Museum of Brands. Since three years we were delaying this visit and at the end: hallelujah!

With its full name The Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising is smallish, compact but beautiful museum and a very kind crew welcomes you. (The only bad thing is that taking photos is not allowed inside of the museum). In the museum you can see packages, advertisements of lots of British and some foreign products since the Victorian era through today.

If you are vintage lover and around Notting Hill, do not miss visiting The Museum of Brands in 2 Colville Mews, Lonsdale Road.

Happy 50th year Museum of Brands!

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New River Walk01

New River Walk02

New River Walk03

We are lucky to live near one of London’s most beautiful walking spots. With only a five minute walk, we find ourselves in Regent’s Canal and enjoy. But there is another little gem in our neighbour, the path here is not so long as Regent’s Canal, it takes only like half an hour to walk from one side to the other but is a little oasis in Islington. Even we have beautiful herons in this little canal. Few days ago we had a  little chat with this fellow in the last photo.

It’s not well known as Regent’s Canal but New River is opened in 1613 to supply drinking water to London and New River Walk is open to the public every day from 08.00 till dusk.

Happy 400th year New River!

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In July, we made a little road trip and big part of this trip was in Scotland. It was our first time in Scotland. We loved the country, we loved the people, specially Edinburgh. We felt there at home. Even, we have been regular customer to a pub during nine days we stayed there and made new pub friends, talked with them about the life, the city, the museums, the jazz, the poetry (specially Robert Burns), sports and -even we were agreed to not to talk about politics while drinking alcohol- little bit politics. Yes, it was a very special pub and we keep it to ourselves.

When we were talking about a trip to Scotland we were expecting a rainy and cold weather even in summer and for being in such northern part of the island, we were ready to it. Buuut, during our stay there, Scotland lived most hot two weeks since last twenty years and it was heaven for us (not for Scottish friends).

We will share more photos and details of this beautiful city but as an opening, we can say that we fell in love with Edinburgh. Is one of these old, characterful, amazing cities with beautiful people and we hope to go back there again.

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Brilliant performance by Scottish comedians Ian Connell and Robert Florence for BBC Scotland.

We love Scotland, we love the Scottish accent!

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Canterbury doors01

Canterbury doors02

Canterbury doors03

Some old doors from an old city…

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Cotswolds towns are one of our favorite destinations in UK. The second town we visited last week after Painswick, is Bibury which is a 600-700 persons populated little town.

The town’s most visited parts are Arlington Row and the riverside lined by beautiful stone cottages. Bibury is not a place to spend hours maybe but certainly worth to pop up even for a short walk to see these beautiful old cottages.

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