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Bozcaada door01

Bozcaada door02

Bozcaada door03

Doors from Bozcaada (Tenedos), a small, wine maker Turkish island in Aegean Sea…


Bağlarla dolu, 2500 nüfuslu küçük adamızdan kapılar…

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londra kapi016

londra kapi015

londra kapi014

North London doors.

More London doors here, here and here.


Londra’nın kuzeyinden birkaç kapı.

Londra kapılarının devamı burada, burada ve burada.

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londra kapi010

londra kapi011

londra kapi012

North London doors.

More doors here, here, here and here.

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Scotland doors01

Scotland doors02

Scotland doors03

Scotland doors04

Some Scottish doors from Edinburgh and Rosslyn Chapel.

More door photos here and here.

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Londra kapi007

Londra kapi008

Londra kapi009

Doors from London. Again…

(More London doors)

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Two beautiful stairs of a XVIIIth century London building: Somerset House.

Nelson Stair which leads to the Navy Board Room where Lord Nelson attended some meetings and Stamp Stair which gives access to the Stamp Office.

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