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Where is art, there is cat. Here are some of this year’s London Art Fair cats:

Fred in a Box by Elizabeth Blackadder, etching in an edition of 80, £1600.

Elizabeth Blackadder - Fred in a box01

Fred on Top of the Cupboard by Elizabeth Blackadder, etching in an edition of 80, £1600.

Elizabeth Blackadder - Fred on top of the cupboard01

A Cat named Sam by Andy Warhol, lithograph with extensive watercolour applied by hand, 1954, £5500 (each).

Andy Warhol - A cat named Sam01

Still life with Cat I by Debbie Urquhart, 2012, oil on board, £1200.

Debbie Urquhart - Still life with cat01

Sourice et Griffeminette by Charlotte Champion, 2012, bronze, limited edition of 8, £4500.

Charlotte Champion - Souriceau et griffeminette01

Siamese Cat Asleep by Christopher Wood, 1925, oil on board. This same piece was in exhibition last year also in London Art Fair. Actually, this is not the only piece of art we saw repeted in London Art Fair 2013 and we couldn’t understand the gallery owner’s mentality for exhibiting same piece two years in a raw in a such limited -few feet squares- exhibition space.

Christopher Wood - Siamese Cat Aslepp01

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There is snow in London and here is a fabulous video of snow. Tigers playing with snowman at Longleat Safari Park in UK by BBC News.

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Ditz-Pussaby Maitland UK

Happy New Year Everyone!

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This morning a lovely and smiling postlady brought a big package from Eda.

Inside a colorful and lovely gift wrap, there were lots of surprises: a vintage style cushion cover, a christmas tree ornament, a film for watching in long winter evenings and a caaat bookmark! Wooow!

Dear Eda, thank you for all and happy new year!


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A Very British Christmas Feast01

Last year was our first christmas in London and we were very excited about it. We were  familiar with christmas traditions in our country and many other countries but, except the one of the best christmas movies Love is Eveywhere, we didn’t have so much idea about British christmas.

We decided to experience it in a fancy place with a nice christmas dinner.  (Then, we were thinking that the christmas feast and the turkey time was Christmas Eve like in a lot of countries but we were wrong. Brits eat Christmas feast on 25 of December, Christmas Day and not dinner, lunch). All restaurants were taking reservations for christmas dinner (which was totaly different thing, this was for the christmas parties which people make with their friends in restaurants instead of home and during all december but no in christmas eve or day.) So we didn’t make christmas dinner shopping and until last day kept our hope for finding somewhere but we were wrong again. At the end, Christmas Eve and Day were not very “feast”ive days for us. After some light snack at home, we went to one of our favorite pubs (luckyly was open) and enjoyed the live music and warm British beer.

This year, after watching since two years all kind of Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey, …etc  “christmas special” food programs, we decided having our “Very British Christmas Feast” at home. Days before we made our grocery shopping and ta taaa!

British turkey stuffed with meat, chestnut and onion  and oven roasted potatos with goose fat: done!

A Very British Christmas Feast02

Brussel sprouts and carrot cooked in our style: done!

A Very British Christmas Feast03

Christmas pudding with brandy cream and mince pies: done!

A Very British Christmas Feast04

Christmas crackers (of course purry ones): done!

A Very British Christmas Feast05

Instead of eating on Christmas Day, we had our christmas dinner yesterday evening, on Christmas Night. After the dinner, we realised why Brits eat christmas feast at lunch instead of dinner when we were drinking cups of tea and trying to digest all those goose fat, brandy cream, etc. We were planning to go this year again to the pub for the live music, having more booze and dancing. But we were knock-out and drinking tea, lying at the couch and looking to our christmas lights.

A Very British Christmas Feast06

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Relax Its Just Christmas01

We wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas….


(photo © Cancer Research UK)

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Every year the christmas and new year spirit come to our home 1st of December. But this year we couldn’t wait and we called the lights and the reds and the greens (and the cat) earlier. Since one week we enjoy the lights and the spirit.

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We have been travelling and working hard since summer and couldn’t update A Cat From London so often. Wimbledon, The Olympic Games, The Paralympic Games, some end of summer and autumn travels, lately ATP Tennis Finals in London and these butterflies now, finally are at home.

When we were away, received this beautiful card, Matt Dinniman’s Clockwork Kitty  from Eda. Thank you Eda!

And also this lovely package full of handmade gifts and also cat earings! Thank you Tülin!

Winter is almost here, we have lots of books to read, lots of movies to watch, lots of recipes to cook, lots of places to see. We are ready for another British winter…

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After a busy week and arrived at home by midnight, a sweet surprise was waiting on the mail box. A lovely brooch with two kittens.

The gift was from a friend  who lives in Izmir, one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey and was the best part of the day.

Thank you dear Depressive Bear! (Sağol kuzum! Bayıldııııııım!)

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It was one week ago when the big freeze alert began in our little kingdom. First some ices appared in the fountains of London .

Then, the next night when we were having few pints in our pub, the snow covered everywhere in one hour. We saw a big fox visiting our neighbourhood. We had a little walk to Trafalgar Square, Westminister and Big Ben by night.

We woke up the next day, to a lovely white and calm London. We had a lovely walk in Regent Canal before having our breakfast .

Aaand we made our first snowcat in London. It’s still freezing out there but no more snow and snowcat. Pity…

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