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Bozcaada house01

Bozcaada cat01

On one side upcoming elections and unbelievable scandals we are hearing about the government, on the other side banned Twitter, Youtube and other crazy stuff. Turkey is little bit busy but not boring at all in these days.

Despite this traffic of events, we left Istanbul for few weeks behind and headed to Bozcaada (Tenedos Island) to have some relaxing time in our stone house. Half empty island, silent vineyards, warming sun, cats in every corner…

Just perfect.


Bir yanda yaklaşan seçimler ve hükümetle ilgili duyduğumuz inanılmaz skandallar, diğer yanda Twitter, YouTube yasakları ve diğer akıl uçuran olaylar. Memleket bugünlerde çok yoğun, insanın sıkılmaya vakti olmuyor.

Biz de bu arada, bütün bu olayları ve İstanbul’u arkamızda bırakıp rahatlamak için birkaç haftalığına Bozcaada’daki evimize kaçtık. Neredeyse bomboş, bize kalmış ada (artık sadece sezonda üç ay adada çalışıp, yılın gerisini Çanakkale’de aldıkları evlerinde geçiriyorlar adalılar, gerisini siz anlayın gari), ıssız bağlar, insanın içini ısıtan güneş, her köşebaşında kediler…

Daha ne olsun?



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cat and spring01

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Aybige Kerim exlibris01


Aybige Kerim exlibris02

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Since we came back to Istanbul, we are trying to settle and the house still is a madhouse. But on the other hand, we enjoy the sun, drinking delicious tea during hours while looking to the blue of the sea, the friendship of fluffy street cats, breakfast with crunchy simit (Turkish bagel), being spoilt by mom treats…etc.

This time the new year came to us with new plans, challenges and good surprises. Meantime, Santa also is very busy and keeps visiting us everyday. (Oh yes, he is still around). He brings us  packages full of love and care from special friends.

First from Ankara, from Tülin


Then from Izmir from Depressive Bear


And today from Istanbul, from Eda


Dear friends, thank you all for being there, for your love and care! You enlightened our week!

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Istanbul cat001

The sun was warming our bodies while the smell of the sea and the voice of the seagulls warming our hearths.

And something was happening…

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Tatanka ile01

Tatanka ile02

Tatanka ile03

Tatanka ile04

Tatanka ile05

This morning, one of us made a big surprise to the other one and gave the most meaningful gift ever: Tatanka Ile (With Tatanka).  A black and white photo book full of the photos of our 20 years old cat son Tatanka which we lost in March. The book also contains cat poems written by poets from all around the world.

Tatanka was our taily son, our little black tiger, the pasha of our home. During twenty years, we grove up with him, we organised all our lives considering his comfort, we loved him more then anything.

Now we miss him, we miss him so much…

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We have been away a while from our little kingdom. During this time, we enjoyed the sun and the sea in this beach…


Efes Pilsen01

We ate a lot of these…


and these from our garden…


We met with old friends…


We made some new friends…


We received these beautiful gifts from Tülin… (Thank you Tülin!)



And came from 25-30 °C, flip flop, summer wear, to 8 °C, boots, coat. Today is springish in our little kingdom and we hope it will be better and better and better?

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Wishmaster Cat01

Our new tote bag Wishmaster Cat by Shebbo Design.

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My best friend cat01

My best friend cat02

My best friend cat03

My best friend cat04

Economist and photographer Andy Prokh’s black&white photos of his 4 year old daughter Katherine and their cat Lilu.

Pure love!

Photos © Andy Prokh          Source: ntvmsnbc

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. . .


Tatanka is gone …

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