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Edward Rutherfurd - London01

A historical London novel written by Salisbury born writer Edward Ruherfurd is recently published in Turkish. A story of London and Londoners through the ages since the geological formation of the city. No, not kidding, just started to read it and the second sentence of the novel starts like this: “Four hundred million years ago, ….”. Not sure how it’s gonna be our relation for the next 1083 pages…


Salisbury doğumlu yazar Edward Ruherfurd’un Londra isimli tarihi romanını aralık sonunda görüp aldık. Meğer daha yeni çıkmış piyasaya. Kitap, şehrin jeolojik oluşumundan günümüze, çağlar boyunca Londra’dan ve Londralıların yaşamlarından kesitleri içeriyor. Yok şaka değil, daha ikinci cümlesi “Dört yüz milyon yıl önce…” diye başlıyor. Önümüzdeki 1083 sayfa boyunca kitapla nasıl bir ilişkimiz olacak göreceğiz bakalım…


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Aybige Kerim exlibris01


Aybige Kerim exlibris02

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Traveller's Children in London Fields01

A black and white documentary photography book we bought on Saturday. Clerkenwell born photographer Colin O’Brien which is taking London photos since 1948, captured Irish travellers’ children in London fields in 1987. Photos of little ones with a grown up expression on their faces…

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Strangers on a train01

Yesterday evening after few pints at The Dog&Duck, our favorite small pub in Soho, we went to Gielgud Theatre for Strangers on a Train, a play written by Craig Warner based on the same name novel by American crime writer Patricia Highsmith.

We didn’t watch the film of the novel directed by Alfred Hitchcock but we can say that the theatre version was brilliant and it was another London theatre production show. The projections they used in the play were impressive. The only actor we knew from before was Laurence Fox from tv series Lewis and we were excited to watch him in a live performance.  All cast was really successful and we are very pleased to have a chance to watch the play. Definitely recommended.

“A seemingly innocent conversation soon turns into a nightmarish and dangerous reality for Guy Haines when he meets Charles Bruno on a train journey, ahead lies a lethal nightmare of blackmail and psycological torment that threatens to cost Guy his career, his marriage and his sanity. His choice: to kill or to be framed for a murder he didn’t commit…”

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London Tattoos01

A beautiful photo book by our photographer collegue Alex MacNaughton. Colorful portraits of Londoners with artful bodies.

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One of our London books we bought after moving here.

“From the woman whose voice announces the stations on the London Underground to the man who plants the trees along Oxford Street; from a Pakistani currency trader to a Guardsman at Buckingham Palace – together, these voices and many more, paint a vivid, epic and wholly fresh portrait of 21st-century London”

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London Belongs to Me01

Currently reading this book and -through the pages- sharing the lives of a group of Londoneers who live in the same building: 10 Dulcimer Street, London in 1938…

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Vintage book finds from an antiques shop in Edinburgh.

Birds of the Sea and Woodland Birds from Penguin Books collection.

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Another London01

Another good B&W photography book about London city life’s past. The book, contains photos taken during the period between 1930 and 1980 by 41 international photographers such as  Eve Arnold, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sergio Larrain, Marc Riboud.

Another London published by Tate in 2012, is a look from different angles to London’s city life through the lens of foreigner photographers.

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Tatanka ile01

Tatanka ile02

Tatanka ile03

Tatanka ile04

Tatanka ile05

This morning, one of us made a big surprise to the other one and gave the most meaningful gift ever: Tatanka Ile (With Tatanka).  A black and white photo book full of the photos of our 20 years old cat son Tatanka which we lost in March. The book also contains cat poems written by poets from all around the world.

Tatanka was our taily son, our little black tiger, the pasha of our home. During twenty years, we grove up with him, we organised all our lives considering his comfort, we loved him more then anything.

Now we miss him, we miss him so much…

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