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London Zoo01

London Zoo02

London Zoo03

Since two years, first week of the january, we are going to London Zoo for the annual stocktake to take photo. Last year most exciting part was the penguin pool (See the photo here).

This year, we were in love with the owls.  Max seen in the first photo is a real charismatic guy and conquered the hearts.

It was exciting again to be so close to so impressive animals but we wish freedom to all animals in the zoos in the new year.


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Regent's Canal001

Regent's Canal002

Today after a late and rich breakfast at home, to enjoy the first sunny day of the year, we went to a walk in Regent’s Canal. We began to our walk from few streets away to home, near Angel.

The sun was coming from behind, the ducks, gooses and swans were having a lazy swim in the canal, the smell of the wood stows was coming to our noses from the narrow boats. We stopped in one of the boats which was serving hot drinks for having a cup of tea.

Regent's Canal003

We finished our walk in Hackney Wick where we found a huge Union Jack painted on the gate of a car cemetery and we made this first photo of the year of ourselves. We hope the new year bring us more sunny days like today, specially in the summer!

Aybige-Kerim Hackney Wick01

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New Year001 2013

We believe the new year depends how you begin to it. This is the photo of the first seconds of our new year. 2013 came to us with great music, dance, lots of booze, happy people and …jump! …jump! …jump!

Happy new year again folks!

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