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We love having fresh flowers always at home and keep changing  mostly between sunflowers, peonies and sweet williams.

Sunflowers which bring the mediterrannean feeling to our home in dark and rainy London days, are our favorites.  Sometimes we love keeping the sunflowers few more days after they loose their freshness and we make our own Van Gogh art piece.  So, this is our modest Van Gogh art.


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Yesterday we were in Manchester. During this two years we went maybe ten times to Manchester but never before christmas. This time a surprise was waiting for us: a big christmas market. Best christmas markets we know are in Germany, they are really good on it. Christmas markets in London (except the Winter Wonderland where there is a lot of German touch) are not so successful.

Manchester Christmas Market, is a big classic German christmas market and it is brilliant. Main part of the market is in Albert Square. There are also stalls in King Street, Brazennose Street, Exchange Street, Hanging Ditch. If you want to visit, it will be open until 23 December,  Sunday-Wednesday 12.00-19.00, Thursday-Saturday 12.00-20.30.

As a typical German market (even is in Britain), it was full of mulled wine, beer, sausage and chocolate smells, also christmas decorations, Polish pottery and lots of other gift choices.  We didn’t miss the chance to eat a good charcoal grilled German sausage.

If you want to bring home some of them, also there is opportunity.

We first met in Frankfurt with the Polish pottery and we love them.

For warming your feet in cold winter nights.

Who can resist to this variety of chocolates?

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Since first day, our favorite, one and only coffee shop in London. This 125 years old little coffee store in Old Compton Street, is one of the best places to find coffee beans from all around the world in London.

When you step inside, coffee jars full of variety of coffee beans and the rich smell of coffee surround you. You can buy your coffee beans or ground. Also you can find coffee accessories, some chocolates, nougats and tea in this lovely shop.  Even you are not a coffee person, visit, see and smell it.

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Yesterday we visited Photography from the Mountains to the Sea exhibition at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. It was a really good exhibion with black and white landscape photos taken by Ansel Adams, one of the masters of American art of photography, in Yosemite National Park between 1915-1984.

Most earlier work of him in the exhibition, was a photo captured when he was 13. He worked almost during all his life, until his death in this park with his 4×5 inches camera and took beautiful pictures of  landscapes. He was a naturelover and even he was critisied by other photographers for taking the pictures of rocks and trees instead of taking documental photos during the hard ages of humanity, he just photographed the nature.

In the exhibition, there are also two documental films of 8min 34’ and 6min 40’ about this big artist and his art. Don’t miss this exhibition which will be open until 28 April 2013.

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A new market came to our neighborhood. Today first time we had a sunday market in Camden Passage. For the moment there aren’t a lot of stalls but anyway, it’s nice.

There are cheese, olive, cupcake, bread, ladies underwear, chocolate and handmade item stalls for the moment but it looks like our new little market will be very popular in next weeks.

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Today while we were walking in Knightsbridge we stopped in one of the cozy, old pubs of London, in Paxtons Head for a pint. Outside there was a cold and very grey day but after stepped inside once, we were in a early christmassy coziness.

Christmas craziness already began in our little kingdom early november and in this lovely pub it was the same.We settled in the comfortable chairs next to the fireplace and enjoyed the early christmas while we were drinking our Guinness.  What a lovely life!

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We have been travelling and working hard since summer and couldn’t update A Cat From London so often. Wimbledon, The Olympic Games, The Paralympic Games, some end of summer and autumn travels, lately ATP Tennis Finals in London and these butterflies now, finally are at home.

When we were away, received this beautiful card, Matt Dinniman’s Clockwork Kitty  from Eda. Thank you Eda!

And also this lovely package full of handmade gifts and also cat earings! Thank you Tülin!

Winter is almost here, we have lots of books to read, lots of movies to watch, lots of recipes to cook, lots of places to see. We are ready for another British winter…

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