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This year is the big event’s year in London. After The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June, today is starting the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Olympic spirit is all over the city. Even the London’s double decker buses are training for the competitions. Support your team and enjoy! Happy Olympics!


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It’s almost the end of the july and we have a piece of summer in London with sun and normal temperature.

So let’s celebrate with Beatles’ lovely song: Here Comes The Sun.

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London’s calendary has always some strange activities. This morning we walked through Columbia Road for joining the world’s first photobooth festival in Ezra Street no:7. It was a very funny experience finding different kind of photobooths in one place including the favor of accessories. 

So we dived to deep waters with the sharks…

We singed on a 80’s disco…

We felt the british spirit covered by Union Jack…

We traveled in the time machine…

We posed to Andy Warhol…

We had some serious time also…

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After a busy week and arrived at home by midnight, a sweet surprise was waiting on the mail box. A lovely brooch with two kittens.

The gift was from a friend  who lives in Izmir, one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey and was the best part of the day.

Thank you dear Depressive Bear! (Sağol kuzum! Bayıldııııııım!)

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